rck_aboutI grew up in Vancouver BC, surrounded by gorgeous oceans and mountainous landscapes. Music was my first source of creative inspiration and some of my earliest memories are of listening to my Dad’s motown band rehearsals in the basement. This inspired me to study both piano and trombone through my youth. Music still finds its way into everything I do. Even the name, ‘appletreecafe’, is a nod to Erykah Badu.

In 2004, after moving to Toronto, my photography journey began. While studying Arts Management at U of T, I joined the photography club. What started off as a hobby led to an obsession and soon I found myself pouring over negatives in the darkroom. My desire to capture the everyday lured me in and world travel fueled my fascination with documenting my surroundings.

Over the years, I’ve focused my photography on capturing artists and creative entrepreneurs whether it’s traditional portraiture, documenting musicians behind the scenes, or developing web content for entrepreneurs launching a new business.

To me portraiture is about human connection. When I’m behind the lens, I aim to seek out and capture my subject’s personality. My most treasured skill is my ability to seize those fleeting moments when someone allows themselves to truly be seen.

Beyond the appletreecafe, my creative interests span a multitude of mediums including web design, graphic design, arts administration for independent artists, digital marketing in the non-profit sector, and as a production coordinator for a NY record label.

4 fun facts:
– I have a thing for twinkle lights and slow jams.
– I share a home with my partner, Mike, a drummer, audio engineer, educator, web designer, handyman and hammock enthusiast.
– Travel and the changing seasons keep my soul alive.
– I love a good kitchen party.


"Robyn is deeply thoughtful and creative. She is wonderful to work with and always captures the sparkling, inner, quiet beauty of everyone she photographs."

Dawn P.
"Robyn is a very gifted photographer. Not only was the shoot so much fun, but the results were amazing, better than I could have ever anticipated. She has a knack for catching the perfect moment."

Danielle D.
"Robyn was an absolute delight to work with... an easy-going yet consummate professional!”

Sara H.
"Robyn is committed, reliable, organized and creative and who we would choose again and again to capture life’s precious moments."

Carlee & Marc